Learning to Love the Imperfect Home

I got out of my morning routine for a day and a few chores were left undone. I let the dishes pile up in the sink, my dishwasher was full and I forgot to start the wash cycle.

Do you know what? Everyone survived and the day went just fine.

It was also rather easy to get back on track. I have a routine and everything has a home, so getting back on track meant focusing for about 30 minutes on getting my home back in order. It was easy to do because I could work on autopilot. The key was that I didn’t let my routine slip too far before getting back into the flow.

Staying organized is not about having a perfect home. Staying organized is about having a good flow to your day so that you have time to enjoy your life. Sometimes a slip in my routine is a good reminder of why I like to be organized.

As I begin my blog, I welcome your suggestions for topics or your questions about organization.


2 responses to “Learning to Love the Imperfect Home

  1. Hello! I just discovered your blog via BYW, and enjoyed reading your posts related to organization. I really need help in this area…….I tend to fill up every empty space with my antiques and craft supplies.

    • Hi Mitzi,
      Thanks for visiting my site. Let me know if you have specific questions and I’ll try to address them. Or, send a picture of a trouble spot and I’ll brainstorm a few ideas on my blog.

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