The Organizer’s Desk

It seems that many of you are frustrated with your desks.  Too cluttered.
Clutter comes in many forms;
1.  too much paper (that’s an entire post to come)
2.  excess stuff that you “THINK” you need or that you can’t seem to find a home for
3.  mail and “to do” items without a home
4.  you get the picture

Here is my desk so you can see how my mind works.  The first photo is of my desk surface and then the next is the wall to the left of my desk.

  • I love clipboards.  It gets things off of my desk surface but leaves them where I can see them and deal with them. 
  • In front of me are pictures of my family and business promotion.  It reminds me why I do what I do.  Inspiration Central.
  • To the left is a small shredder.  If I don’t need it, I don’t keep it.
  • Postal scale – I don’t waste time going to the post office.  I can do almost everything online.
  • InBox and Outbox.
  • I don’t have many files.  I use an electronic service (again, another post) so all my business files can be stored in one bin.  The rest are office supplies, (see top shelf of second picture). 

Organizing your desk is a process and it will evolve as your needs change.  I’ll do a post soon on paper clutter.  I also would like to give you some info on what to do with your important documents such as passports.  Any other specific topics are welcome.

I encourage you to think outside of the traditional set-up.  Do you need a filing cabinet?  Think of ways to use your vertical and wall space.  Think about your process.  What do you REALLY need in order to function?

files on the top shelf
Books and my organzing kit in the middle.  Also modem and router.
Office supplies, stamps in/out box, shredder, postal scale on the bottom.


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