Bangles and Baubles, Oh My!

This week I’d like to tackle the subject of jewelry and different ideas on how to store and organize it.
There are some absolutely beautiful jewelry boxes out there, but if you read my last post on filing cabinets, you can almost guess what I think about them. If I can’t see my jewelry and have easy access to it then I WON’T WEAR IT. So, how do you create a space for your jewelry that is functional yet organized? Let’s explore a few options:
I love these necklace displays from The Container Store. Necklaces are out in the open, easy to access, and you can see everything you have before making your selection. If you have a large number of necklaces you can organize them by color, style, or season. They also have similar options for bracelets and earrings.
If you are tight on dresser or countertop space, there are good options for hanging your jewelry in a closet or even on a wall. The example below is from
If you can devote a dresser or bathroom drawer then these lovely stacking containers from Neatnix are are good option and can be found on There are many different configurations and I absolutely love how they make it easy to see and store your things. You can arrange your jewlery by style or season and then rotate the trays so that the items you need easy access to are on top.
I’m not a huge fan of the jewelry armoire, because it tends to be a large piece of furniture and I’m all about scaling back. However, I must say that the wall-mounted versions seem to be a great alternative. In fact, this one is on my wish list. I like that you can open them up and see your collection at a glance. Here is an example:

This option will take some thought, though. One consideration is the expense ($200 to $500). Next, you really need to look at the inside. Are the hangers or fasteners fixed or can you configure them yourself? Will the wall-mounted armoire be large enough to accommodate your favorite pieces? If this seems like a fit for you, I advise that you research carefully before purchasing to make certain you are making the best choice for your needs and your jewelry.

Remember, if you have easy access to your jewelry you’ll wear it more often. When you can see it, access it, and maintain it easily, you’ll be more apt to put it on.
I hope I’ve inspired you to take a look at your bangles and baubles and encouraged you to find a solution that will bring them into the light.

Here are direct links to the items pictured above:
Container Store Necklace Keeper
Lillian Vernon Accessory Organizer
Organize.Com Netanix Jewlery Stacker
Jewlery Armoire


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