The Tell-Tale Tote

My six year old LOVES to make books. She creates one every day and they end up all over my house. My dilemma was that I wanted to foster her creative spirit without creating clutter. I want to share our solution with all of you because I really love the outcome and I thought it would make a creative and inexpensive gift for the holidays.
We have a small home and I wanted her to have a portable station so that she could work on her books in different rooms. I also wanted her to learn how to organize her creations on her own and be able to edit what to keep versus what to “recycle.”

I purchased a portable filing tote (Real Simple tote found at Target) and stocked it with:

• paper

• pens, pencils, crayons, and markers

• a stapler (to finish the books)

• a journal for extra creative bursts

• Silly Starters (a fun brainstorming tool for starting stories)

Files are tabbed:

• “Plain Paper”

• “Works in Progress” and

• “Finished Books”

Once the file for finished books is full, she has to decide what to keep and what to recycle.

There is plenty of room in the tote for her to add a file with stickers or other things that she’d like to include in her books.

She loves the portable writing station and it has definitely eliminated abandoned writing projects around the house. I really feel like this process will make it easier for her to let go of artwork and various projects so that they won’t accumulate. I’m giving her the power to decide what she’d like to keep and what she is ready to release – let’s see what happens…

Real Simple Portable Tote


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  1. Write up your alley

    Love this frugal craft and gift idea! We would be thrilled if you posted savvy ideas like these on our Facebook page – we're trying to promote these creative ideas! for posting!Anna, Live Solid

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