Savvy Safe – A place for essential documents you’ll need in an emergency.

When I think of items I need in an emergency, I don’t immediately think of marriage license, checks, contacts and bills – I think of flashlights, water, raingear, food, etc. Flashlights and water are certainly important, but what will you need to help expedite efforts to recover IDs, cash or valuable family photos?

I’d like to share an idea with you that I hope you’ll never have to utilize; I call it my Savvy Safe, and it’s where I keep everything I would need in case of an emergency.

First, purchase a small safe. I found mine at Target. The safe is small enough that I could easily grab it in case of an emergency yet large enough to hold all of my “emergency” files.

Next step, carefully select the contents. Here is what I keep inside:

• passports
• birth certificates
• marriage license
• medical records listing any active prescriptions & record of recent shots
• printed copy of all of my contacts and telephone numbers
• a few checks
• one copy of each of my utility bills
• bank account information
• a copy of home owners insurance policy
• Copy of driver’s license
• CD of scanned family photos (including photos of my parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents)

In an emergency, my first goal is always to ensure the safety of our family. But if time permits, the contents of the Savvy Safe will give me the key documents I need to get our family back on its feet.

I also have an online filing system that I can access from anywhere as well as an online backup drive for all of my computer information.

Keep in mind that if you have a true emergency there won’t be enough time to run around and gather items. I never want to utilize my backup system, but the peace of mind that it brings to me makes it worth the effort.

Sentry Safe from Target


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