Clutter-Free Gift Giving – The Digital Frame

I’d love to share another idea with you for clutter-free and meaningful gift giving. A digital photo frame is a wonderful gift for a grandparent, a sibling, or even as a holiday tradition in your home. While a scrapbook makes a lovely gift, I’ve found that the digital frame is appreciated because it is easily viewed and shared. I’ve used ScanDigital ( as a resource for scanning in my old photographs, but there are certainly some budget-friendly solutions such as using your home scanner.

Here are some suggestions on themes for your digital photo frame

• For a grandparent – the obvious choice would be photos of the grandkids. What about something unexpected? Create a storyline with your digital photo frame. Begin the story with photos of great or even great-great grandparents and work your way through the present. This would be a wonderful way for a grandparent to begin a history lesson with the grandkids.

• Do you have a cherished family recipe? What about a photo shoot of the family matriarch, patriarch or master chef preparing the food? You can send out the completed photo frame to family members along with written instructions.

• For a brother or sister who may live far away, you can create a photo gallery of special memories you’ve shared or past holidays together.

• For your own home, you can assemble a gallery of images from all your holiday moments. Include one or two photos from each year and you will have created a wonderful trip down memory lane for the entire family.

The possibilities are endless, creative, and inspiring. Whatever holiday you celebrate, it should be about family, tradition, and memories. A digital photo frame is a wonderful way to express the true meaning of the season.


2 responses to “Clutter-Free Gift Giving – The Digital Frame

  1. Great ideas Kristen. I never even thought of the brother/sister idea of sharing photos of past holidays as kids! She'll love it!The single largest problem I had with digital picture frames given to my family was the lack of being able to update it regularly. Found a great solution through TribeFrame. Lets you create albums of photos and videos and send directly to the frame instantly with no account fees! is the link.

  2. Anderson Schoenrock, ScanDigital

    Kristen – thanks for sharing this idea with your readers! We'd love to help anyone move those old photos into a digital format for a digital photo frame. We actually will even load them on a frame for you so your recipient simply needs to pull it out of the box and plug it in. Such a wonderful, sentimental gift.

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