Motivation – 2010 Let’s Organize Together

Have you ever asked yourself any of the following questions?
  • How do I begin to organize and where to I start?
  • Why am I so overwhelmed?
  • How to I maintain what I’ve done?

Take a deep breath. I’m a professional organizer and I ask myself the very same questions. Life happens and we all get overwhelmed.

I’m constantly working on areas of my own home to make my life run a little more efficiently. I consider my home to be a laboratory where I can work on INEXPENSIVE solutions that might benefit my clients. I’m going to tackle projects in my home and document them in my blog. Hopefully this will give you inspiration to begin your own organization projects or you may be able to implement my ideas in your own home. I’m always open to questions and suggestions.

 Let’s begin with a small project.
 The Homework Station
Where do your kids put their papers when they come home from school?  If you currently have a system, is it working?  If not, what is the hurdle?  Now is the perfect time to evaluate your after school routine and tweak  the processes that are not working so well.

I have a VERY small space. I’m used to it and it forces me to organize and clean frequently. My three and six year old needed a place to put their school papers after arriving home. I never have time to look at notes, homework and projects right away and I needed a solution that they could handle all on their own. I ended up with a very simple solution and it has been working beautifully. My kids can unpack their backpacks on their own and I can process all the paperwork when I have time to focus.

The girls come home and each has a slot for their papers. So simple that my three year old can do it! It is also a two way street. Outgoing papers can be put back in and then loaded to backpacks in the morning. This little table tucks in the corner behind my door so it takes up very little space. The other important note is that I spent under $50.00 for everything. Of course I could have found a slightly less expensive route, but with my small space I like to choose colors and furniture items wisely to keep a cohesive look. This little splash of red ties in with the rest of my livingroom.

Things to think about if a “homework station” is on your to do list;

  • Try to keep it by the backpacks, coats etc… so that the kids can unload immediately after school.
  • Keep it simple. Don’t expect little ones to sort too many items. Give them one designated box.
  • Make it routine. You might have to remind them to use the systems for a couple of weeks. It takes time to make it a habit.
  • You will still need to oversee the process and make certain that you are doing your part to look through papers and process in a timely fashion.
  • Don’t be afraid to shop around and look at a few stores for ideas and inspiration.
  • It is okay to try a new routine if the old established routine is not working.

Good luck and let me know what works in your home.


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