Motivation 2010 – The Linen Closet – Let’s Organize Together

Let’s take a peek in the closet, shall we?

Here is my rule for the closet – are you ready? 

Just because the space it there, it does not mean you must fill it up.  

End of lesson.

Seriously, if you have a big closet it is not part of the challenge to see if you can fill it up.  Purchase only what you need so that you are not wasteful. 

Let’s focus on some techniques and ideas to make your closet look neater, more efficient and easier to manage.

  • Rolling towels instead of folding creates more space and makes them more accessible.
  • Using totes to corral washcloths and hand towels can help keep them tidy.
  • Use clear containers for storing like items so that you can see what’s inside.
  • Rolling carts can make it easier to get to things in hard to reach spaces.
  • Create zones for things such as cleaning supplies and use totes if necessary. 
  • Dividing trays for small items such as cotton balls, Q-tips and toothbrushes keep things out of sight but easy to navigate.

What questions do you have about your linen closest? 


One response to “Motivation 2010 – The Linen Closet – Let’s Organize Together

  1. Great ideas. I’m a master of filling every available space, and then some. The reminder that I don’t need to do this is great for me!

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