Motivation 2010 – Creative Storage Solutions – Let’s Organize Together

I’d like to take the next couple of posts to offer a few ideas for odds and ends around the house.

Not everyone has the luxury of enough space to have their own office at home.  I humbly fall into that category.  This does not mean that I can’t function efficiently and have everything I need for a brilliantly working space.  I’d like to share a solution for keeping your office functional, portable and easy to use.  It is especially handy for those that might have a small desk in a kitchen area or for those that might work from a dining room table or other surface.  I purchased a craft kit and tricked it out with all the essentials for office work;

  • Stapler, staples etc
  • Paper clips, rubber bands and post-its
  • Pens, highlighters and markers
  • Inside I have a label maker, letter opener, tape etc …

The portable tote can be taken anywhere in (or out of ) the home to pay bills, organize paperwork, assist with craft projects, etc..

Another problem area seems to be the endless amount of chargers and odd cords.  Take a small caddy and label each section for the appropriate cord.  I found the example below at the Container Store for under $10.00.  I keep chargers for cell phones, camera cords, and other miscellaneous items that I use frequently, but not daily. 

Do you need a creative solution for a little problem area in your home?  Send me a note or post to the site and I’ll take a look!


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