Friday’s Perfectly Savvy Finds

I’m starting a new segment titled Perfectly Savvy Finds.  It’s simple.  I find very cool and interesting items for storage, organization or tools that might make your life a little easier, and then I share them with you!  How fun is that?  Feel free to forward your Perfectly Savvy Finds my direction too.

Scooter Pod Step Stool from the Container Store

I am excited about this first item and can already think of some clever ways to use it.  This new storage stool from the Container Store would work perfectly in a kitchen.  You can tuck some small essentials inside such as a screwdriver, tape measure, or a handy roll of duct tape and you’ve got a portable tool kit.  It would work well in a closet with hard to reach shelving.

Chic Recycling

How cool is this recycling bin from the Organize-It site?  I have nothing to add here – love it.  This would only work for a small family though because the actual receptacles must be tiny.

Fridge Organization

I recently did a post on refrigerator organization and mentioned using containers and roll out caddies.  I found these online at ShopGetOrganized and they have a roller on the bottom.  Slick


2 responses to “Friday’s Perfectly Savvy Finds

  1. oh, thanks for sharing your exciting finds…a great topic to write about…i´m looking forward for what will come the next weeks there…so until then cheers ines

  2. oh ! I love your new column about “making life easier” !!! 🙂

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