Friday’s Perfectly Savvy Finds

Welcome back to the second installment of Perfectly Savvy Finds, the new weekly feature that allows me to find cool things and share them with you. 

Today I’ve selected a theme for my Savvy Finds – CLOSET HELPERS.

First on the list is an amazing little prefab system from Rubbermaid that I found on Amazon.  This looks like a less expensive version of the Elfa closets and might be a great solution for an apartment or area that does not need custom measurements. 

Next on my list is this handy little pantry helper found on Organize-It that simply fastens on the back of a door.  The FreedomRail would also be perfect in an apartment or home where you need flexibility or the option to move it down the road.  There are various bin sizes and I believe that Elfa also has a version should you want a higher end solution. 

Our last closet helper today is a hanging accessory bag.  I’ve been using a sweater sized hanging bag for purses, scarves and other accessories but I just noticed this online and I think the size and scale would work much better.  This particular bag can be found at the Container Store – also known as my Zen Place. 


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