Organizing Old Photos is a Breeze

Hi everyone!  Let’s focus on organizing some more of our keepsakes.  Specifically, I’d like to take a look at what to do with your old photographs.  Can you even remember photographs BEFORE digital cameras?   Remember negatives, Photo-Hut and waiting a week to see your pictures developed?  Where are your old photos?  If they are hidden into a million little boxes and old photo sleeves, then I want your undivided attention. 

You need to ask yourself a few questions before deciding how to organize your photos. 

  1. Do you look at the photos often, or do they just stay tucked away?
  2. Who are you saving them for?  Children?  Siblings?  Your 90’s?
  3. What is your system for saving digital photos?
  4. What would you do with your old photos if you had easy access?

I went through the process of organizing my old photos last year.  I digitized photos going back to my great grandparents.  I answered the questions above before beginning the project and I’ll share my answers with you;

  1. I didn’t look at the old photos because it was too difficult to drag them out.  
  2. I am saving my photos for my children as well as my niece and nephew. 
  3. I actually have a great system for saving photos – archived by year, month, or occasion and backed up in two places.
  4. Think of the wonderful gifts – digital photo frames, collages, memory books all at the click of mouse AND I would show them frequently to my girls.

 Now what do we do with all this information?  Stay tuned…


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