Friday’s Perfectly Savvy Finds

Hello my Savvy Friends.  Here are your Perfectly Savvy Finds for this week;

First on the list is the Chargepod where you can charge up to six gadgets at one time.  Enough said.  It seems like this would be a great energy saver too because it makes it easy to unplug the one item when not in use.

I was at the Container Store today and found this fabulous Toy Box on Wheels.  My girls love to play with their dolls in various rooms throughout the house.  I’m going to put clothes and accessories in one or two of these to make transport and cleaning easier.  I love you Container Store.  Really.

All in One Closet.  I have a small”ish” closet so I have to cycle my clothes each season.  I am loving this all in one closet so that there is a place for hanging clothes, folded items (in lots of great compartments) and shoes all in one contained space.  It looks like Target no longer carries this cute pink wardrobe so I’m on the hunt.

Have a great weekend everyone.  Let me know if you have any Perfectly Savvy Finds for next week.


One response to “Friday’s Perfectly Savvy Finds

  1. We need that gadget charger…for sure!

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