Organizing Photos – Time to Sort

I’ve been writing a series on organizing your old photographs.  I’ve been targeting all of those old photos that were taken before digital cameras and that are quite possibly sitting in old boxes up in your attic!  The ideal answer is to have your old photos scanned, but this process can be either costly or time-consuming.  Below you’ll find some suggestions to make this project manageable and affordable.

This week I’d like to give you a few ideas for beginning the process of digitizing your photos.

1st step is to sort your old photographs.  Get rid of the photos that you’ll never refer to again. All the overexposed photos or photos that have no meaning.  Really spend some time on this step and think about what you will go back to look at and what photos won’t translate or have meaning when you pass them down.

2nd step is to categorize your photos.  Will you separate by year or will it be more general?  When I organized mine it worked best for me to remain general.  I made categories that will mean something to my children when they go back to look at the photos. Examples;  Mom as a baby, Mom in grade school, Mom and Dad dating, Grandma as a girl… you get the idea.

3rd step might be the most difficult.  Select a few photos from each category to either scan in yourself, or designate to be scanned by a service.  If you task yourself with scanning ALL of the photos in each category, the job will never be done.  It is simply too overwhelming to scan all the photos yourself or too costly to send all of them to a scanning service.  Make this a process and tackle a few photos from each group every year.  I scanned a few photos from each group and so I now have a full digital family story in place for my children.  I can always add to the collection and it made the entire project manageable.

I used Scandigital for scanning in my photos and the process was painless and affordable.  Full disclosure – I’m an affiliate for Scandigital, but only after completing my project and being happy with their service.

There are other options for scanning in your photos.  1.  You can do it yourself if you have a quality scanner.  2. Many local family run photo stores now offer this service.  If you are hesitant to send your photos off somewhere, this might be a great option for you.

As for sorting your photos, I have a few suggestions below.  I’m recommending some of the acid free boxes so that you can not only sort, but have a wonderful happy home for your photos.  There are also a few fun a pretty suggestions for your shelves so that you can keep your photos accessible while working on the project.

Let me know if you have any questions and happy sorting!


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