Cleaning – Quick tips for the week

I do NOT have a perfect home.  I’m a mom, business owner and all around busy girl.  However, I have a few quick cleaning routines that give me a sense of peace throughout the week.  Yours might be different than mine.  They key is to determine what must be clean and done in YOUR home in order to stay in charge and keep your home in order.

Here are my quick cleaning bursts for each day that help me keep my home in order:

1.  I put one load of laundry in each morning.

2.  My bathrooms and kitchen get wiped down EVERY day.  I use Method multi-surface with lavender.

3.  Hardwood floors get a quick once over in high traffic areas with a microfiber mop.  It is so quick and easy to do.  I just spray the microfiber cloth with a vinegar solution and give a pass over high traffic areas, under my dining room table (to catch the extra crumbs) and in the kitchen.  The microfiber picks up just about everything.

4.  I have a handy little cordless stick vacuum that will pick up hair on the bathroom floor and is great for a quick zoom on my carpets.

These quick little cleaning bursts help me stay on top of the brewing chaos and help to give me a sense of calm about my home.

What are your “cleaning must-dos” for the week?


2 responses to “Cleaning – Quick tips for the week

  1. Karla Grotting

    So smart! I’m going to put in a load of laundry right now! Thanks for making it all sound so easy!

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