Organizing “Do Overs”

I am totally guilty of selecting the wrong organizing product just because it looks cool.  “I can totally make that work”.  Famous last words.  Think about how the system will actually work before you implement.  Is it really the answer or just something that will look amazing until your system falls apart?

I’ll give you an example from my own home.  I designed a system around a product that is too complicated for my kids to maintain.  If they can’t pick-up their own room then the point of teaching them skills and showing the importance of taking care of their toys will be lost.  I purchased a very “slick” chair/container for their stuffed toys.  The reality was that it was too hard to put the stuffed animals in the chair and too difficult to maintain.  I streamlined to a clear tote that holds everything and both girls and manage play and pick-up easily.  Does it look as cool?  Probably not.  Does it function more efficiently and can my girls maintain it on their own.  YES!

Do you have any organizing Do Overs?


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