Perfectly Savvy Finds

Happy Friday my Savvy Ones.  Your Perfectly Savvy Finds this week will help you get a jump-start on Mother’s Day.  This year give that special mom, sister and/or friend a gift that will help control clutter instead of add to it.

1.  A completely adorable Kate Spade organizer

2.  Beautiful and stylish eco-friendly shopping totes

3.  A recipe book for documenting and organizing all her recipes.  Or, if you are the cook then you can document your own recipes as a gift.  This would be a wonderful gift for a mom to pass to a daughter.

4.  Two examples of photo organizers.  Give her the gift of your time and assistance to organize all of those old family photographs that are sitting in the attic.

5.  Help her organize all of the jewelry with a travel case for the world traveler or a beautiful tree that will display all of her treasures.


2 responses to “Perfectly Savvy Finds

  1. Well hello there! I’m doing pretty well with the first few (although not as lovely). I’m loving the jewelry organizer and photo organizer.

    Have a great weekend.

  2. What a great collection of items, I adore Kate Spade she is so fabulous and designs the most perfect things like that little organizer 🙂

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