Perfectly Savvy Finds

Hi Everyone. I’m very excited about the Savvy Finds for this week because they are intended to help ME, ME, ME. I am in the mood for a little office pick-me-up without spending a bundle. I’ve come up with a few fun additions that will be appearing (or have already appeared) in my savvy little office space.

1. Ballard Designs has these super adorable little magnetic boards. I am quite close to pulling the trigger on this find.
2. Tulip USB hub from Fred Flare. Cute. Enough said.
3. Laptop sleeve from Sadrastju. She also has a fantastic Etsy Shop. I purchased one of her sleeves and it is perfect for what I need. Well made at a fair price. She ships from London but only charges $5.00 for shipping. Unique and a total score.
4.  Martha Stewart Labels can give an inexpensive, fun and quick facelift to binders, cases and other items on your bookshelf.
5.  Bamboo dry erase wall panel.  Right inside the office door on the wall by your desk this would be totally handy and functional.
6.  Last by not least – a couple of colorful binders on your bookshelf can go a long way to brightening a room.  I am a HUGE fan of three-ring binders to organize papers and information.

Do you have any other Savvy Finds for the office that I can share?


One response to “Perfectly Savvy Finds

  1. Ok, but I gotta know… Do the tulips look quite as cute once there are wires growing out of their heads? *grin*
    nice post, hon.
    Erin Elizabeth Wells

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