Spring Cleaning – The Car

Most people spend a lot of time in their cars going to/from work, shuttling kids and running errands.  Without a system in place for keeping your car properly cleaned out and maintained it can begin to look and feel like major chaos inside.  I find that the car is the last place that people consider when putting organizing processes in place. A car is a major investment and in most situations vital to keeping life in order.  Take the time to clean and organize your car to protect your investment and keep a sense of order and calm.

Here are some ideas to help keep your car properly maintained:

  • Get your car cleaned and detailed to start your spring off on the right foot, (or the right wheel;).  Vacuumed, wiped down, crumbs out – you get the idea.
  • Summer is on the way and you’ll need sunscreen and bug spray ready for action.  The potency of the sunscreen can seriously degrade in a hot car so set up a little kit that can be easily transported from car to home.  Possibly something bright and colorful that you’ll notice heading out the door and within easy reach inside the car.
  • Keep a trash receptacle in the car lined with the plastic bags you receive when shopping.  Tuck some in the bottom of the receptacle as spare and it is easy to remove the trash when you exit the car.
  • Purchase a couple of recyclable bags to keep in the car that can help transport items to/from your car.  Don’t let things build up inside.  If you transport many items then use a plastic bin or tote.
  • Keep a small caddy of toys or books and projects for your kids to keep them occupied.  Make certain that they put everything back into the caddy at the end of each trip.  Soon it will become a habit and they won’t need a prompt to get the job done.
  • Make or purchase a small first aid kit and essentials to keep in the car in case of emergencies.

On Friday I’ll be back with some Perfectly Savvy Finds that will help you keep your car in order.


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