Perfectly Savvy Finds

I hope that all of you had a chance to read my post earlier this week about cleaning your car.  Your Perfectly Savvy Finds this week are all items that will help you get your car in order and ready for spring.

1.  Let’s begin at the top with a fun little organizer that could be used to store sun lotion, bug spray and other summer essentials.  The handle on top will make it easy to transport back and forth and the bright pink will make it easy to see and remember.

2.  The all important trash can.  I like this option because it has a nice sturdy base so that it wont tip and it is easy to get the bags in and out.

3.  The bright flowery bin would be a good solution for storing car essentials or toys.  Easy to carry back and forth from house to car.

4.  The red tool box can store a first aid kit or other must haves.

5.  I love the green and brown totes from the Container Store.  Perfect for toting everything to and from the car in complete style.

6.  The blue/turquoise bins are perfect for storing toys/books and other kid items.  Easy to pick-up and stack away.


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