Perfectly Savvy Finds

Hello my Savvy Friends.  Today I have a collection of perfectly savvy hangers for your wardrobe.

I love a slim hanger (not a fan of the fat puffy plastic) and the first two examples are not only slim, but they have fantastic grooves in the top for hanging dresses with straps or other items that might slip.

Next I’ve found a couple of hangers to help organize your closet.  First, an extendable hook to accommodate many hanging items.  This would be great for a bathroom or tight entryway.  Next, a stand to store your extra hangers instead of hunting for them between shirts.

The last two items are clever and versatile.  First, a perfect hanger for storing and organizing your scarves.  I have a ton of scarves and ’tis the time of year to pull them out and look fabulous.  Hang them up on one of these fun hangers from the Container Store so that you can see them easily and use them frequently!  The last item features a little pop out hook for the back of a door or even a little dressing area. So clever.

And while were on the topic of hangers…please recycle and reuse your hangers from the dry cleaners whenever possible. Here is a great little piece highlighting the importance of recycling hangers.

Have a wonderful weekend.


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