Remembering Birthdays and Special Occasions

I don’t know about you, but I seem to have a difficult time planning for, and remembering birthdays, anniversaries and other special occasions.  Of course I’ve put them in my calendar, but then I receive the reminder and get busy before I can make a call.  Or, I receive the reminder ON their birthday and then it is just too late.  Facebook is good for giving a little notice before a birthday, but that is dependant upon your friend actually having an account.  Here are a few ideas to help you remember a birthday or special day and give yourself a little time to prepare;

I use – I like this service because it is FREE and it will send two reminders to your inbox.  The first reminder is sent one week before the event and the next a couple days before.  I leave the message in my inbox until I get the card, gift or email sent.  There is another service JackCards that is supposed to be great as well.

Another tool is to put a reminder in your own calendar at the beginning of each month and prep all of your cards and gifts that need to be sent.  This is especially efficient if you have kids that need to create or sign the cards.  I have my girls sit down and create multiple cards if necessary.  It cuts down on the amount of time and they are already “in the zone”.

I have an account at Hallmark so that I can send e-cards when I’m short on time.  I do prefer sending a physical card, but it is nice to have the service as a back up and also to send a little smile to friends and family throughout the year.

Buy a few cards to have on hand for the birthdays that sneak up on you.  My Mom uses an accordion file to keep cards for different occasions.  She’s not computer literate so this system works well for her.

What are your tricks and tools for remembering special occasions?


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