Perfectly Savvy Finds

Hello Savvy Friends.  This week I’m featuring a few items that can be used to clean-up, spruce-up, and organize kid clutter.  My criteria for selecting items was simple;

1.  It had to be easy for kids to use.  Nothing too complicated or overdone.

2.  It had to be versatile enough to grow with the child.  I hate throwing money down the drain on fancy bins and baskets that only work for a year or two.

Are your ready?

1.  Let’s begin at the top with two different sets of clear bins.  The handled bins can help contain anything from crayons, markers and other art supplies to hair brushes, accessories and baseball cards.  The larger totes are perfect for papers, folders and even little figurines.

2.  Heading clockwise you’ll find the Busy Box.  I love this versatile system.  It has three separate compartments that stack on top of one another.  I use mine for dolls and doll clothing.  You could also store electronic gear, headphones and other equipment.  It is on wheels so it is very easy to move around.

3.  In the center there is a great solution for hallway storage.  From balls and sporting equipment to stuffed animals and butterfly nets.  A quick solution to picking up that hallway clutter.

4.  Don’t forget to utilize your space behind the door.  This great little colorful sorter will hold magazines, school papers, chore charts and artwork.  Easy to find and ready to go.

5.  A large clear toy box can be used for stuffed animals, sports gear, extra pillows and sleeping bags, purses and out of season clothing.

6.  Bins with color can help you distinguish ownership.  Blue bins for Billy’s things and green for Sally.  Cute and stackable.

What other possibilities do you see here?

Have a great weekend!


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