Organizing Kitchen Cupboards & Shelves

A disorganized pantry, cupboard or shelf can be frustrating at best.  One huge problem I see when working with my clients is that they make unnecessary purchases at the store because they can’t see what they have.  Using techniques to streamline and consolidate can help you see what you REALLY need before that next trip to the grocery.  Try a few of my tips below this week to see if you can bring a little order to your kitchen.

1.  Cereals or other dry goods can be moved to clear or glass containers so that you can see how much you have.  Boxes tend to pile up and look messy.  The containers will also help to keep your dry goods fresh.  I love the easy open containers from the Container Store.

2.  Put similar items together in an easy to reach container.  For example; group kids snacks such as goldfish, crackers, cookies, granola bars in one handy tote.  This way when you need to select snack or make lunches, they are all together and easy to navigate.  Below you’ll find a couple of options from and Container Store.  Grouping snacks together in one bin will also make it easier to access what you need before the next run to the grocery.

3.  Maximize the space in your cupboards by using handy little helpers like spice racks and shelf expander.  The shelf expander can be used for canned goods or pasta sauce.  Make certain to group “like things” together so that you can quickly see what you have and what you need.

4.  Don’t stuff your shelves just because you have the space.  If an item is marked 2 for $5.00, you can usually purchase 1 for $2.50.  Do you really need two?

Try one or all of these ideas this week and let me know how it goes.

All items above can be found at the Container Store or

I’ll be back on Friday with your Savvy Finds.




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