Learning to Edit

I can learn a lot from watching my kids.  I’ve spent A LOT of time trying to organize their art and creative supplies. Believe me, I’ve come up with some incredible systems.  So incredible that they still can’t seem to keep their desk clean.  I decided to treat my kids as one of my clients and I think we’ve finally got a solution.  I stopped to take the time to watch how they work and discuss what they use.  The reality is that they didn’t need 10 baskets of art supplies.  What they really needed and wanted was their own little caddy that is not only portable, but EASY to clean up.  Instead of 50 markers, 10 will do.  One glue stick, one scissors, one watercolor, you get the picture.  They are still just as creative with fewer choices and clean up time is a happier time.

There is a lesson here for adults as well.  Less is more, yes?


2 responses to “Learning to Edit

  1. I can’t TELL you how handy all your tips are going to be to me as I pack-up, organize, donate and THROW OUT so much of my stuff! You’re a godsend, lady!

  2. Excellent idea. I struggle all the time to keep all though supposedly necessary things in order (well, sometimes I throw up my hands). Thanks for permission to keep it small 🙂

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