Kitchen Binder

I love three-ring binders.  They are a fantastic tool for organizing papers and maintaining easy access.  I love the portability and flexibility of a binder and they have endless possibilities for helping to organize a home or office.

Let’s take a look at how you might be able to use a binder in the kitchen.  I use my kitchen binder to collect and contain all of my take-out menus, most used and loved recipes and kitchen user/owner manuals.

First up – the take-out menus or as I like to call them, Mama’s sanity savers.  A little folder in the binder keeps them all contained in one place.  No digging in valuable drawer space or searching throughout the house.

Next, my favorite recipes.  I love to find recipes off of the Food Network.  A quick print and then they go into a protective sleeve.  I can then take them out and post them on the fridge while I cook and pop them back in the binder when I’m done.  The binder also allows me to move the recipes around so I can keep my favorites up front, or categorize them.

Last, what should you do with all of those little owners manuals that you “might” need?   Answer, pop them in a sleeve and keep them in your binder.

I’ll see you on Friday with some Perfectly Savvy Finds.  Any suggestions?


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