Balancing Life and Social Media

Facebook and other forms of social media have become a standard means of communication in most households.  As a business owner and a marginally tech savvy parent, I do see the value and the importance of learning and using these tools…within limits.   What guidelines have you established within your home to make certain that it has not become a drain on your time?   Have you stopped to consider how many times you’ve ended up on your computer instead of completing a task or even taking a minute for yourself?

Here are the considerations I’ve made to determine what part of my day can be devoted to social media;

1.  I’ll only check Facebook, Twitter etc… after I’ve finished my morning routine.  Beds get made, kitchen is cleaned, bathrooms wiped down and laundry in.

2.  5 to 10 minutes max to catch up on social media and see what everyone is doing.

3.  If it is a school day, then I get to work.  I obviously use social media for my business, but I even keep that to a minimum.  I see the importance of it for my business, but keeping a reality check is important.  My job is part-time and I’m FULL-TIME mom first.  I have consistent clients that pay me for stellar service so that has to be my focus.  If I have time to spare, then that goes to building my business and some social media.  There are only so many hours in the day and when my head hits the pillow at night I need to be okay with what I’ve accomplished.  The day does not have to be perfect, my house does not have to be perfect, but there has to be progress.

4.  While I feel my kids should know about various forms of social media, I personally think they are too young to use them.  Sometimes when I’m working on my blog, using Facebook or Twitter, they’ll sit on my lap and I’ll explain how it works.  I set up an email account for my oldest so that she can type notes to her Grandma and that’s the extent of it.

5.  It is important for me and my family that we take time for the “old-fashioned” forms of communication.  Calling a friend on the phone certainly beats a post to their page.  Last week the girls and I made cards and sent them to family members.  They spent about an hour and a half creating and writing.  You can’t beat that.

As summer begins, spend a little time this week and create a social media guideline for your family.  What parameters can you put in place to make certain that you can get all of your tasks done, spend time with your family and friends but still have time to catch up on Facebook?


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