Perfectly Savvy Finds

Hello my Savvy Friends,

This week I’m sharing a Savvy Find as well as a savvy idea.  In my early 20’s I was given a fantastic toolbox as a gift from an ex-ex-ex-boyfriend. The boyfriend didn’t last, but the toolbox certainly has.  It was actually a very thoughtful and useful gift.  As a single girl I really had nothing to make little repairs around the house and the toolbox has served me well through the years.  I now use the box right in my kitchen area and can grab it quickly to make minor repairs around the house.  Through the years I’ve added a few things to it that I find handy, a pair of scissors, additional screwdrivers, paper & pen etc…  You can of course start from scratch and make your own little toolbox, but I’ve found some great options for you below.  Of particular note, there is a handy little option from Bob Vila that will slide right into a kitchen drawer.  I also like the Apollo Precision set because it has very useful tools and they all have a specific home that will make everything easy to find.

Have a wonderful weekend.



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