Your House is NOT a Photo in a Magazine

It is my opinion that some people are intimidated by all the photos of perfectly organized homes in the magazines.  From Better Homes and Gardens to Real Simple, the photos look beautiful yet intimidating.  Keep in mind the spirit of the articles. Focus on taking away one or two ideas from an article you like and don’t feel like you have to replicate the entire project.  Use the photo or article as a springboard to the next organizing adventure in your home.

This photo from Real Simple is a prime example of what I mean.  First of all, organizing my pantry to this level is just not a priority for me.  I don’t need to stock my pantry with all of these items and I certainly don’t need to spend the money on fancy matching containers and then take the time to label all of them.  That said, I can take something from this photo and apply it to my pantry.  I do like the container and so one or two might work nicely. I can also take the idea that putting things in sturdy containers that I might already own will work wonders.  Do they really all have to match, or can they function efficiently and produce the same result?

Another example shown here also via Real Simple highlights an organizing system for digital images.  I see this as a very time-consuming process that takes a ton of space.  It is a beautiful solution, but is it right for you?  What you can take from the article is the actual idea to gain motivation to organize the space.  It is up to you to find something that will work for your family within your budget and time constraints.  Don’t begin a large project such as this one if you do not have the time and energy to see it through.  An alternative to taking up all of this drawer space would be DVD/CD binders that will hold more in a smaller space.

Don’t let the magazine photos and articles intimidate you.  Let them inspire you to begin a project in your own home, under your own terms and within your budget.

I’d love to hear some examples of how you’ve been inspired by a photo and adapted it to your home.


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