Packing for Vacation

I’m just a few days away from my summer vacation and I’m looking forward to the time away.  This year we are going on an Alaskan Cruise.  A cruise is the perfect getaway for any professional organizer.  I should contact Princess Cruises and tell them to market to PO’s.  Seriously.  I can zone out for an entire week and not have to plan a thing.

Now to the point of my post – how to plan and pack.  I’m a busy Mom and I never really have a solid block of time to really focus and pack.  I need to handle large projects in small bursts of time.  I have a little system that works nicely for trip planning, party planning or any other large project;

I like to use a program such as Excel, but you could also use Word or another application that you like.

Begin by entering line items of things that need to be purchased or completed.  Examples;

Buy new jeans

Print boarding passes

Arrange for someone to water plants and pick-up mail

Clean out fridge

With a system like this in place, I don’t have the pressure of having to think of everything all at once.  I can add things as I think of them, or email them to myself and add them when I have time. When using Excel it is easy to move the jobs around, group them or delete them as they are complete.  You can also copy and paste the items you need to shop for and email them or put them in your calendar.  The night before my trip I look down and see that everything is done.

Use a spreadsheet based system the next time you have a trip or a party to plan and let me know if the project is a little easier to tackle.


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