Fashion Sense – A Savvy Interview

It is a very exciting day at the Imperfect Home – my first interview.  Kathie Bortnem, a Minneapolis based fashion consultant and style expert has been kind enough to answer a few of my burning questions.  Kathie has just redesigned and refocused her site and we recently sat down for a chat.  LuLu’s Webtique is a site devoted to women, health, beauty and fashion.  I wanted Kathie to address ways to streamline a closet and to focus on how we can buy fewer items instead of filling our closets with items we never wear.  Please check out her site this week and I hope you enjoy the interview!

Kristin:  What do you consider versatile pieces of clothing?  Are there certain items that work well with most wardrobes?

Kathie:  The most important (versatile) pieces in a wardrobe are unquestionably premium jeans, a great jacket and a crisp white shirt. If you have these 3 items, you have covered all your fashion bases. By that I mean…a great fitting (premium) jean simply shows that you “get” fashion and the fit on them is superb! A great jacket adds pizzazz and elevates your look.

Kristin:  What are some good questions to ask when organizing and streamlining a closet?  How can we determine what to keep and what should be donated?

Streamlining your closet is easy but usually with the help of a pro. Why? Because we are either attached to the wrong clothes or attached to the money we spent to get them. If you haven’t worn something in a couple of years…put it in the Goodwill pile. Now, of course there are exceptions, but generally there are good reasons why clothes collect dust. Maybe you bought it because it was on sale and it goes with nothing! Or, you bought it for the weight were going to be? Whatever the reason, donate, you’ll feel better.

Kristin:  Not everyone can afford designer clothes.  Do you have any tips or tricks that can make clothes from Target or other retailers look more high-end?

On a budget but want the latest looks? Thank goodness for Target! They have all the latest styles for a fraction of what you’d pay at traditional stores. Here’s the deal…do your homework (or hire a shopper) and go through several fashion magazines and identify a look that you want and go for it! Target has great tee’s and tops to go with your Premium jeans and jacket. Target is also a good store to buy leggings and over-sized tops. I love this look but I don’t spend big money for it. Too trendy! Spend $ on things that are classic that will outlive the latest trends. Here’s my list: designer/premium jeans, a nice handbag, a great jacket, a white shirt, black boots and a classic trench coat.


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