Perfectly Savvy Finds

If you have a need for a little bill pay or laptop docking station in your home, then this is the post for you!  My Perfectly Savvy Finds this week feature space-saving desk areas that can provide a small work area in high traffic or small spaces.  I am particularly fond of the wall mounted options.  They are fantastic solutions for those that can keep the paper clutter to a minimum.  We use the very inexpensive wall mounted shelf from Ikea as a study nook for our oldest daughter.  We were able to tuck it in a quiet little space so that she has a place to relax and focus while working.  I am in love with the fold out convertible desk listed on Amazon.  A wonderful solution for small spaces – even dorm rooms.  With a couple of folding chairs this could also double as a small table for an eat in kitchen.  The leaning bookcase at Bed, Bath and Beyond would be perfect in a kitchen area.  Picture a laptop on the desk area and cookbooks lining the top shelves.  The leaning bookcase could also be used in a dorm.

Please make certain to join me next week – I have a wonderful new post to share with you that involves saving money – as a family project.


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