Savvy Spenders – Back to School

We are making a grand effort at our home to cut back where we can and question whether or not we really need what we are about to buy.  Through a new series, Savvy Spenders, I’m trying to teach my oldest daughter some lessons about responsible consumerism.  Thankfully we are not forced to be making these choices.  However, I really want my kids to learn the importance of spending wisely because someday they will benefit from the lesson.  The instant gratification of the $5.00 toy should make way for college savings or donations to the local food pantry.

I recently put our new focus to the test during back to school shopping.  My first step was to go online and find coupons for clothing stores.  I told Sophia that we were only going to shop at those stores.  I had a 40% off for Justice, a $10.00 off for JCPenny and a fantastic Groupon for the Gap equal to $25.00.  We made a point of finding sale items whenever possible while still allowing Sophia to select items that she liked and would wear.  Our total savings including coupons and sale items was roughly $150.00.  The greater lesson here is that Sophia is beginning to look at what things cost and thinking about what she really needs.

I asked Sophia if there is anything she’d like to share about our shopping day today and she said, “even if you have to shop with coupons, you can still find things that you like to wear”.  She also said that, “back to school shopping is really fun”.

What does your family do to save money for back to school shopping?


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