Perfectly Savvy Finds

I know you’ll love thinking about my Perfectly Savvy Finds this week.  The topic = organizing your purse.  The solution = lots of fun options.

The first step to an efficient and easy to navigate purse is to edit, edit, edit.  Don’t carry more around than you absolutely need.  My purse contains; phone, 1 lipstick, 1 small brush, wallet, tissues, handi-wipes, business cards, 1 pen, small hand sanitizer, cell phone and an epi-pen for my daughter.  I don’t really need anything else.  I fit all the accessories listed above in a cosmetic case that I transfer easily from purse to purse.

I have a few examples below of organizers that can transfer from purse to purse with ease.  I know many people use, (and like) the Purseket.  It wouldn’t be my first choice, but I can definitely see the draw.  My favorite tip comes from organizer MJ Rosenthal, owner of An Organized Life.  MJ uses clear cosmetic type bags so that she can see what is in her purse and what she’d like to transfer.  Simple and brilliant.

I’ve included some examples below.  Have a great weekend and please send me some pictures of your organized purses.purse organizers


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