What’s hiding in the cupboard?

Now that the kiddos are back to school, it is time to focus on organizing something not associated with a backpack, kids clothing  or back to school lists.  Enough already, let’s move on!  What do you have lurking in the depths of your cupboard or pantry?  Is it time to do a little sort, shuffle and purge dance in your kitchen?

Here are a few ideas and tips for organizing your cupboards;

1.  As always, the first step is to clean it out and edit.  Check expiration dates and get rid of things that you can no longer use.  Also, donate unexpired items that you won’t use to a food pantry.

2.  Use glass or clear containers to store opened items such as sugar, flour or pastas.  Don’t crumble half used bags in the back of the cupboard where they can’t be seen.

3.  Use elevated shelves for the back row so that you can see what you have and items won’t get buried or lost.

4.  Use lazy-susans, pull down spice racks and handled totes to allow for easy access.

5.  Most important – don’t over buy.  Normally if a product is priced 2 for $5.00, you can purchase 1 for $2.50.

6.  Empty the shelf or cupboard completely, wipe it down and replace items with “like” things together.  Baking goods together, spices together, cereals together.  This will make it much easier to see what you need before going to the grocery.

7.  If it seems overwhelming, then take it one cupboard or shelf at a time.


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