A Reflective Day

Today I’m doing a post unrelated to organizing.  September 11th is a major day of reflection for me.  I was only a few blocks from the Towers when they fell.  They smacked against our building and turned a beautiful, stunning fall day into a nightmare.  The streets surrounding our office looked like a war zone.  For many days after, I remained in shock and unable to leave my apartment.

About a week or two after the attacks, we were allowed back to our office building.  On the first day back, the subway was packed and moving around was slow.  As we emerged from underground and began climbing the stairs out of the subway, someone from behind me yelled, “move it, get going, I’m in a hurry”.  A man in a suit in front of me turned around and simply stated, “you are alive, be grateful that you are in this mob”.  Enough said.

Thanks to all that sacrificed so much on that day and on the days ahead for me, for my children and for our freedom.  You will not be forgotten and I’m forever grateful.


One response to “A Reflective Day

  1. Amen. It’s still fresh and it’s hard to imagine this day ever feeling normal again.

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